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Meet The Lemurs

Meet The Lemurs


These gorgeous little monkeys are a delight and for children over 10 years a memory they will cherish.

Spend the day at the park (Hertfordshire) among all the exotic animals and birds until the highlight at feeding time, when the lucky recipient of this adventure day will be introduced to the lemurs.


Made famous amongst children by the popular animated movie Madagascar, what child could deny an experience feeding and having a close encounter with the adorable, big-eyed monkeys? Their playful and inquisitive attitude relates very much so to children, so let your little monkey enter the enclosure for a face to face encounter with the furry creatures. Make a day of the experience at the park by visiting the range of animals and bird enclosures, then make your way to the Lemur enclosure for 12:30 for questions and answers, and instructions. Then make memories while you spectate at the sidelines, taking photographs of your children feed and play with the animals. A certificate will be rewarded as an extra special memento of the experience.

Suitable for anyone 10 years old and over. It is recommended to wear old clothes as they will be climbing all over you, and they are not toilet trained! Spectators can purchase standard tickets at the gate. Be up to date on tetanus inoculations and you are welcome to spend all day at the attraction if you're feeding the lemurs! (Yes, all day!)

Location: Location: Herfordshire (South East) - Broxbourne

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