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Meet The Meerkats

Meet the Meerkats Gift


Who doesn't love the Meerkats. Fantastic little unique creatures which are fascinating to watch, and how much better to get up close and personal with them.

A great experience for anyone, but a fabulous childrens gift. Spend time in the enclosure, with their trainer, hand feeding and getting to know them.  For kids over 10 - the price includes admission to the park.


Meerkats have recently become famous due to their television adverts which are popular amongst children and a guilty pleasure to adults, so why not give them the experience of playing with real life meerkats?

While they climb up and down your legs and over your shoulders, let your young one share a wonderful bond with these inquisitive, playful creatures, much like children. Upon arrival at the Paradise Wildlife Park, situated in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, the whole family could spend the day at the resort, looking at the many other exotic animals.

You will need to be at the section the Meerkats are held by 3pm or 4pm for a briefing and question and answer time before entering the cage to engage with these fascinating, entertaining desert animals - and plenty of time for photographs!

Minimum age is 10 years old, tetanus inoculations should be up to date and wear old clothes as the meerkats will be jumping, climbing and playing all over you!

Location: Herfordshire (South East) - Broxbourne


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