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First Driving Experience

Junior Driving Experience


For kids 11 or over and at least 4ft 8inch tall this is a great, unusual experience day gift -  an introduction to driving with a 'first' driving lesson on a professional race track with an approved instructor.

The experience lasts approximately 2 and half hours. 


If your youngster is 11 or over and exceeds the height of 4 foot 8 inches, then surprise them and help them discover the thrill of driving with this experience!

Located at Brands Hatch circuit in Kent, this driving day will teach the basics such as how to start, change gear and how to stop. By the end of it, they will be driving on the spacious, wide lane of a real race track practising their skills. Feel confident regarding the safety as there is dual control and a driving instructor present in the passenger seat. When you redeem the voucher you will be supplied with two grade D race event tickets at Brands Hatch; all the fast-action essentials anybody needs.

Purchase the voucher, pre-book a day and watch them race around in a MINI for 2 and a half hours. One day at the track will have your child doing chores out of gratefulness for months - we hope!

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