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Toddler Bedding

Moving from a cot to their first big bed, is a huge moment in a toddler's life. If you've decided to use a toddler sized bed you can make the transition go much more smoothly by helping them choose the new toddler sized bedding (which includes a toddler sized pillowcase) from our extensive collection.

The transition from a cot to a bed is not one which should be taken lightly! Most toddlers move from their cot to a toddler bed when aged between 18 months old to around three years old, but there are no strict rules as to when the move should take place.

When to move your child to a toddler bed, is an easy decision to make based on a couple of parenting judgement calls, such as: Does your child look too big for their cot? Can your child climb of the cot and the most importantly, are they sleeping comfortably in their cot? Of course, many parents choose to base the move around the expected arrival date of a younger child, if this is the case, try and give your child plenty of time to adjust to their new bed whilst the cot is still available. 

Once the change is made, your child will not be able to hurt themselves falling from their cot anymore, but they will be able to walk freely around their room, so ensure their bedroom is a safe clutter-free environment.

To help keep the switchover as stress free and disruption free as possible, we stock and supply a wide range of not only toddler beds, but also toddler bedding.

Toddler bedding may not seem all that important, but bedding can inspire your child, whether it’s with their favourite characters or just favourite colours, toddler bedding also serves to provide a familiar, comfortable environment that your child can relax in.  

All of our toddler bedding is made to fit a fit a toddler bed or cot, and measures 120 x 150 cm – meaning that a junior sized duvet insert is required. All bedding styles also match a wide range of themed toddler bedroom furniture and bedroom accessories, which can be found across our site.

As always, if you have any questions about the range – please do just get in touch.