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Pop-up Mega Mansion - PREZZYBOX

Kids Pop Up Mega Mansion


  • Dimensions : 142 x 142 x 142cm (assembled)
  • Material : tough shower proof polyester
  • Suitable from the age of 3
  • Storage bag included
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors

At almost a metre and a half square this large play house in bold colours is sure to be a big hit.

Reviewers recommend watching the You Tube video on how to fold it down in to it's storage bag if you are having problems.


Kids love being outdoors and a play house gives them so many fun options to explore.

It could be a house for tea parties, a shop, a tent out in the jungle, the vets for poorly cuddly toys to visit. The possibilities are endless.

This particular wendy house is fairly neutral as it doesn't feature a TV character or a distracting colour scheme so it can easily be transformed in to what ever imaginary destination your child chooses.

Although it doesn't include an integral ground sheet we actually see this as a benefit as they can be hard to keep clean. Why not use a washable blanket or picnic mat? We have also used a cheap single duvet cover in the past (minus the duvet of course). 

CUSTOMER REVIEWS ***** 4.9/5 (17 reviews) - Prezzy Box- Pop Up Mega Mansion

"Absolutely recommend! Without doubt one of the best buys! Its like the kids own little room! Bought it for my daughters fifth birthday! Made her day!"

"Love the Pop Up Mega Mansion! The dimensions didn't make it sound huge, but it's at least double the size of the usual size pop up houses and easily tall enough for my 8 year old to stand up in the middle. I really like that it's big enough for me to get inside and play with my toddler, and there's still plenty of room left for toys. There's no floor to it, but there are loops and pegs so it can be used outside and pegged down so it doesn't blow away. It's very easy to put up, and if you watch the video putting it down is easy too, although the instruction leaflet isn't much help! I managed it first time! I'd certainly recommend it and I think it will get lots of use."

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