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Our Story

Allkids ... where did it all begin?

When Dave and Elaine had their fourth child Elaine found that information for mature parents was scarce. Keen on technology, and keeping up to date with new things, she turned to the internet for help but as it was still in it's early days she found that it was seriously lacking too so she decided to launch her own on line resource for parents to dip in to for any information they might need regarding their children.

At this point Elaine didn't know how to put a web site together, or how to publish it on to the internet, and so between family life and work she set about teaching herself the skills she needed to get the basics up and running which allowed her to start gathering information and articles and posting them on line as Allkids, in 1999, in the form of an information directory.

Even at this early stage Elaine realised that the parenting directory was going to change her life so she worked hard and refined the web site. As her skills in coding and layout design grew she added commission generating affiliate links to a shopping section which monetised the site and began to bring in revenue.

When the shopping and information directory took off it became too much to look after while Elaine was still employed and so she took the leap of faith and started to work on Allkids full time.

As Allkids built in to a successful site Elaine spotted that children's bedding was one of the biggest commission generators and so Dave and Elaine bought a few packs of duvet sets to sell them from home. This was the birth of Children's Rooms.

With Allkids generating customers for Children's Rooms it quickly became too big to operate from home and needed a warehouse. It has since moved from it's original premises to the current unit which is capable of handling the large volume of orders we now receive.

As Children's Rooms grew Dave and Elaine's eldest son joined the company. It soon became clear that things were really taking off and so his brother and sister came on board too. They all have different skills which have helped to make the business a success and when their youngest brother is home from university he can be found doing his bit filling bean bags and packing parcels too.

But back to Allkids ...

While Dave and the (grown up) kids concentrated on Children's Rooms Elaine spent long hours developing Allkids and researching what was necessary to make your website easy for surfers to find on those tricky search engines.

Elaine's daughter in law joined the team and Elaine taught her to design and build websites and read html code.

With the Affiliate Marketing Arena now driven by the large voucher code sites and cash back sites, the decision was made to change the Allkids site into a fully fledged retail site and to incorporate the best of Children's Rooms along with the best suppliers of kids furniture, storage and eventually toys and outdoor play.

Retirement? No chance.