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Kids Bedroom Storage

If you feel like the toys are starting to take over your home and crave a toy free adult space, (or even just to see the floor once in a while), then have a look at some of these creative solutions to make toy storage neat, stylish and affordable. One of the easiest ways to create simple and smart storage is to invest in some cheap tubs, buckets or boxes which are easy for the kids to pull out and slide away later on. By looking outside of the traditional children's shops, you can save pounds. For instance, gardening wholesalers often have colourful flexi tubs available for a couple of pounds, which are ideal for dead-heading, but even better for storing that collection of cars in. If your child loves books, then its worth considering a fabric or wooden child-friendly bookcase in place of a traditionally shaped one. These bookcases allow books to be stored in slings, making it easy for children to see and select their favourite book, without pulling everything off the bookcase and creating a book mountain at story time.