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Cabin Beds

Personally I think cabin beds are the ideal solution to a young 'uns bedroom. They're both functional and attractive and should last throughout childhood and will ensure that tidying up is quick and painless.

Cabin Beds

For your child, their bed isn’t just somewhere to rest their head after a long day, it’s an integral part of their bedroom - which in itself is a space for playing, developing, growing up and learning.

Cabin Beds are the perfect bedroom addition for children and parents alike. Children love the elevated sleeping position of a cabin bed, whilst parents love the extra storage space, which doesn’t sacrifice any valuable floor space. As part of this storage space, cabin beds typically boast cupboards, shelving and drawers, making them perfect for storing toys, clothes and all manner of clutter.

Furthermore, many cabin beds offer a built in desk and workspace, which provides the perfect place to encourage your child's learning in a fun, comfortable and familiar environment. Speaking from experience, these workspaces are the perfect space to sit with your child and run through homework and schoolwork.

Here at, we are proud to offer a wide range of Cabin Beds in Pine and Maple, many of which are painted in colours combinations such as blue & white and pink & white, making them perfect for both boys and girls bedrooms. Further customisation can be achieved through our range of bedding and accessories.

All cabin beds are designed with children in mind, so combine safety and functionality with style. To learn more about the range, or if you have any questions, just get in touch and a member of the team will be happy to assist.