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Mid Sleeper Beds

Pine, white, pink or blue - your choice of mid sleeper beds to suite any child's bedroom. Whether they need space to play or hide and exercise their imagination muscles or to buckle down to homework in peace and quiet - we have it covered.

Mid Sleeper Beds

One of the most functional items of bedroom furniture, Mid Sleeper beds combine the excitement of sleeping at height, with a wide range of accessories, storage and play areas great for both children and parents alike.

Some mid sleeper beds are built with cupboards, drawers and workspaces which provide space and storage for the important things, such as toys, clutter and clothes. Whilst other children’s mid sleeper beds within our range focus fun as well as function, and are designed with a play area built under the bed, some even include play tents which make the perfect dens.

All of our mid sleeper beds include a desk/workspace, which speaking from experience, is a great place for your child to run through any homework or schoolwork they may have to complete.  

Mid sleeper beds are available in a wide range of finishes, including Pine & Maple, with many painted options also being available, including pink or blue with white. All cabin beds are designed with children in mind, so combine safety and functionality with style, they are designed to be use by children aged over six, and are popular with other kids including teenagers.