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Bunk Beds

A selection of bunk beds for either boys or girls rooms to save space or to cater for sleep overs.

NB: children under 6 should never sleep in a top bunk and the mattress should sit well below the safety rail. Also ensure that belts, bags, dressing gowns etc are not hung from the top bunk.

Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds are the most practical way to increase accommodation space in kid’s bedrooms, and luckily for parents, they are the kid’s bed of choice. Instantly transforming bedtime into an enjoyable experience, most children can remember the feeling of climbing bunk bed ladders, ready to survey and sleep above their empire (bedroom).

It’s not just the excitement of a bunk bed which makes them a popular choice either, from chatting to our customers, we have been made aware of three main types of bunk bed customer. Those looking to use the bunk bed as a means of staying close to their child throughout the night, for a reason such as illness, anxiety or disability, those looking to create extra space in a shared room, and lastly - those parents looking to give their child the perfect bed for sleepovers and adventures.

No matter why you want a bunk bed, a few things are guaranteed by, top quality beds which combine safety and peace of mind, with incredible value. Our Bunk Beds are designed and built specifically for use by children, making them tough, yet functional. The range includes pine, white and maple bunk beds, the neutral colours and stylish design of these beds ensure that they remain looking great for children of all ages, especially when dressed in our bedding range. The days of rickety metal framed bunk beds are thankfully, in the past.

Despite careful design and excellent functionality, as with anything which involves children, there are still some safety requirements which need considering and talking through with your child.  These include:

 No leaning over the rail of the top bunk

  • No hanging clothes or any items on the ladder of the bunk bed
  • Ensuring that the mattress on the top bunk sits well below the guard rails
  • Ensuring that the top bunk is not used by children under six years of age

Here at, we understand the importance of creating the ideal bedroom for your child, so if you have any question about our bunk bed range, just get in touch and a member of the team will be happy to assist you.