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Blackout Curtains

Curtail those too-early mornings with these black out curtains, which will darken the bedroom and delay that pesky sun shining through and waking your little ones.  Black out curtains also muffle traffic noise and reduce draughts.

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Summer is a lovely time of year from the most part, however having children which wake up literally at the crack of dawn can be a slight problem for already tired parents, especially when it can be as early as 4:30am! So if you are a parent who wants to grab a few extra hours sleep at the weekend, or simply want to wake up at a sensible time during the week, our range of blackout curtains are probably perfect for you, and most importantly perfect for your child!

Our range of blackout curtains and black our curtain linings have received fantastic feedback from our customers, available in two difference sizes: 66 x 54 inch and 66 x 72 inch. These linings are perfect paired to our wider range of boys and girls bedroom curtains, which are available in a wide variety of patters, themes and colours.

If you have any questions about this range, just get in touch and we will be happy to help.